Throughout the many years in business Yolanda's has been a strong supporter of our local
community and we will continue to do so. However, due to the enormous number of requests
we are simply unable to accommodate all requests.


-Requests must be submitted in writing, for charity, on letterhead of the requesting
organization with a nonprofit tax ID. Please include any and all details about your charity.
-Due to the mass volume for requests, we will do our best to try and review requests in a
timely manner.
-Please submit your requests to our Corporate Office.
Via fax 805.658.1960 or email
-All requests must be submitted in advance (at least 30days prior to event)
Note: Yolanda's does not make cash or food donations.


Yolanda's offers two different ways to fundraise for your charity.
Fundraisers are booked through the location in which you would like to have your event.
Please call the location directly.

Guideline for Pre-Gift Card Sales

1. Why limit your fundraising event to one day?
2. Call location directly to set up.
3. Pre – Sell any demonization in Gift Cards (Minimum of $200)
4. Collect Money
5. Send your order in with payment. Gift cards will be made up and ready for pick-up with in
3 business days.
6. Yolanda's will donate 30% of the sales.
7. A check will be issued through our corporate office within 10 business days.

Guideline for On-Site Fundraisers

1. Call the location directly in which you would like to hold your event.
a. Fill out Fundraiser Request Form
You will be asked to submit form via fax or email.
b. Have 1st & 2nd date choices for the event
Fundraisers held Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays only.
2. All flyers must be pre-approved by Yolanda's.
3. Requests must be turned in and approved at least 30 days prior to event.
4. All guests must have actual flyer present in order to apply to guest check.
(No screen shots/pictures from smart phones accepted)
5. No flyers are to be distributed on or around the premises.
Anyone caught doing so will cause cancellation of entire fundraiser.
1. Yolanda's will donate 20% of the net sales.
2. A check will be issued through our corporate office within 10 business days of event.

Thank you for thinking of Yolanda's Mexican Café
for your fundraising event or donation requests.